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What to expect when buying a home in Oregon

September 23rd, 2022

Is it worth it to hire a real estate agent in Oregon? Those are the questions you might ask yourself. Laws and customs in real estate might indeed vary from state to state. You need to know the market to avoid running into troubles and make the moving process a lot easier for yourself. Whether you’re looking for real estate agents in Salem,Guest Posting OR, or Portland, OR, there are some customs you should be aware of before buying a house in Beaver State.

Reasons why Oregon attracts newcomers

Being one of the most popular states for relocation, Oregon has plenty of exciting advantages to offer. Let’s discover the main reasons Americans choose Oregon as a new home.

1. A paradise for nature lovers

Except for stunning beaches on the Pacific coast, Oregon has a crazy amount of great lakes and rivers. If you love water sports or fishing, you will find your happy place here. For hiking or biking lovers, there are many trails, forests, and mountains that you can enjoy in each season.

2. The state economy is looking bright.

The financial future of Oregon is bright, attracting more investors and business owners. The employment rate increased by 46% in the last ten years. The tech and IT sectors are getting bigger, creating a new “Silicon Forest.”

3. No sales tax

Significant relief for people coming from out of state, there is no sales tax, so you pay what you see in the price tag—no more surprises at the check-out.

4. Relaxed way of life

One of the main reasons why Oregon attracts new homeowners is the quality of life the state has to offer. Extensive job opportunities combined with fresh air and fantastic nature create a combo for perfect and worry-free living. You can easily find a scene for any of your hobbies and interests, from water sports and hiking to the big art scene in Portland.

5. Diverse political scene

You can always fit in Oregon, whether you’re liberal or conservative.

6. Famous vineyards and breweries

The wine and beer industry is what attracts lots of tourists. Oregon is the place for you if you’re a fan of good-quality wine and love to explore different kinds of beer.

Relief for Minority Shareholders Under the Oregon Business Corporation Act

March 15th, 2022

Minority shareholders in closely held corporations often feel trapped when there is conflict with the other shareholders. Frequently the minority shareholder is unaware of the legal remedies available to them. Specifically, ORS 60.951 et seq., the “Oregon Business Corporation Act”, which applies to corporations whose shares aren’t traded publicly or nationally, grants a court extensive power to impose legal and equitable remedies on the corporation and its shareholders including:

Ordering an accounting;
Altering or compelling corporate action including reversal of shareholder or director action;
Removal and appointment of directors or officers;
Appointment of a custodian to manage corporate affairs;
Compelling distributions;
Awarding damages to an aggrieved party;
Compelling the purchase and sale of a shareholder’s shares at “fair value” instead of “fair market value” and the terms of any such sale; and,
Dissolution of the corporation.

While the shareholders and corporation may validly exclude certain remedies available under the statute, they can’t validly exclude a court’s exercise of its power to order an accounting, to award damages, or to compel dissolution of the corporation.

A shareholder can invoke these remedies in a case: (1) of director deadlock which the shareholders can’t break that causes irreparable injury to the corporation or to its shareholders generally; (2) where the directors or those in control of the corporation have, are or will act in an illegal, oppressive or fraudulent manner; (3) corporate assets are being misapplied or wasted; or, (4) the shareholders have been unable after two consecutive annual meetings to elect directors who will succeed directors whose terms have expired.